Charities at Work

Speaking with Angela Di Novella, Executive Director of Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey

Episode Summary

Angela Di Novella talks about her faith, family, education and professional experience that have prepared her to lead Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey. Di Novella also speaks about her intention to build on the strong foundation she has inherited by sustaining the growth of the agency and looking for more ways to engage with the local community.

Episode Notes

Di Novella discusses how her faith, family experience, and education inspired her to serve others, especially families and youth. She is passionate about the work of social justice, which she sees as integrally connected to faith in Jesus. She often says that Jesus was the first social worker. Fundamentally, the work is about supporting people so they can live according to their God-given dignity. It might mean offering financial education or even providing a tattoo removal service so former gang members can change their lifestyle. Di Novella looks forward to leading Catholic Charities and continuing the ministries of service, advocacy and convening. To read more about Catholic Charities Diocese of Monterey, click here.