Charities at Work

CCUSA on Disaster Response amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode Summary

Zach Cahalan, strategic director of disaster operations at Catholic Charities USA, discusses Catholic Charities' response to disasters during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns.

Episode Notes

The episode contrasts the normal response of Catholic Charities to disasters with the response during the pandemic. Topics include the role of Catholic Charities USA, the national office for the Catholic Charities ministry in the United States; communication needs; assessment; immediate response; and ongoing engagement. Resources for local agencies are also mentioned: the disaster page on the CCUSA website, the CCUSA COVID-19 resource center, and a chart entitled "What happens during a disaster." Individuals and families are encouraged to have a plan in place in case of a disaster and to contact their local agency for more information and resources.  Follow us: Facebook (@catholiccharitiesusa), LinkedIn, Twitter (@CCharitiesUSA), and Instagram (@ccharitiesusa).