Charities at Work

CCUSA Talks Priorities for the 117th Congress and COVID Relief

Episode Summary

Anthony Granado, vice president of government relations for Catholic Charities USA, lists top priorities for Catholic Charities ministry to be included in upcoming legislation of the new Congress and COVID-19 relief.

Episode Notes

Topics include Catholic Charities recommendations for consideration to guide the 117th Congress' policy priorities, such as confronting the deep connection between racism and poverty particularly in relation to housing, lending, education and employment; climate change, economic security; religious liberty and the protection of all human life. You can read all the recommendations here. Priorities for COVID-19 relief include ensuring resources to promote family and worker stability; supporting the health care safety net; maintaining the longstanding, bipartisan support for the Hyde Amendment policy; extending the moratorium on evictions and foreclosures; and support for local governments and charities.