Charities at Work

The Evolution of the Healthy Housing Initiative

Episode Summary

CCUSA Vice President of Housing Strategy, Curtis Johnson and ‘Healthy Housing Playbook’ author, Robert J. McCann, Ph.D. President and C.E.O. of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington, discuss the Healthy Housing Initiative, overcoming NIMBY, redeveloping church property, and adding Catholic education into this work.

Episode Notes

The CCUSA Healthy Housing Initiative coordi­nates permanent housing placement, case manage­ment and social services of Catholic Charities with primary care and behavioral health of Catholic Health to reduce chronic homelessness.  

Catholic Charities of Eastern Washington (CCEW) operates affordable housing communities to ensure that every person has a supportive, inclusive, and sustainable home where they will thrive and live to their highest potential. 

CCEW affirms the right to housing and dignity of all people through developing and managing affordable, supportive housing communities and work to create sustainable communities through excellence in development, operations, and community partnerships.